Saturday, June 23, 2012

Misquamicut Beach
On Thursday, Delycia and I enjoyed a sunset picnic supper at Misquamicut Beach -- the first such picnic in our relationship. We drove to the beach around 5:30, just when the crowd was starting to thin out on the somewhat tropical afternoon, and we set up camp for ourselves down close to water and with a fine view of the early evening sunlight and sky. I plunged around in the softly moving surf for a few minutes, and then we enjoyed my simply-prepared picnic of sandwiches and cherries as the sun fell toward the west and the light dimmed and softened.

Yesterday, the first day of my "surprise weekend" prepared by Delycia, we walked with our suitcases to the Mystic station and took the train to Boston. We enjoyed the ride in the cool and comfortable car, whispering every so often but mostly reading and seeing the seacoast scenery pass by. We checked into our room at a very cozy B+B on Beacon Hill, and then spent the evening at a Buddhist center, where we participated in a guided meditation, ate a delicious Asian dinner, and listened to a lecture by a Buddhist monk. Home by 9:30 to our welcoming room for a fine night's sleep.
The Isabel Stewart Gardner Museum

Today, we had a brisk walk up and down the streets of Beacon Hill, and then met cousin Jim at the Isabel Gardner Museum for a quick look at some art and then an easygoing, conversational lunch. Tonight we'll take the subway to my old friend Linda's home in Cambridge for dinner with friends.

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