Wednesday, May 02, 2012


     I realized this morning that the only appropriate attitude for me at school today is sheer and constant surprise. I should go through my classes in a stupor of astonishment. I should feel like I’m sailing instead of standing. Students should be concerned about me, saying things like, “I’m worried about Mr. Salsich. He has this rapturous smile on his face, as though he’s in some sort of paradise.” Well, why shouldn't I smile, existing, as I do, in a universe that's  a staggering success, a universe in which there's no struggle or discord, ever, because there's never any "two-ness" to cause conflict, always just the restfulness of one-ness. This statement contains more wonder than I can comprehend: a universe without conflict, a universe that's totally and constantly harmonious, a universe that’s always as peaceful as the softest spring breeze. Of course, it doesn't appear that way, but neither does the earth appear to be rising and setting around the sun. Struggle seems to be everywhere, but so do train tracks seem to meet in the distance. The simple fact is that this universe is a seamless, smooth-working spectacle where all is precisely as it should be. This is what I am a part of today. This is where I will live, moment after moment. It’s as if I am the heir of a kingdom of measureless riches – a teacher who has absolutely no worries in the classroom, no fears, no insecurities, because he always has everything he needs. Life with its limitless wonders is totally present in Room 2 -- totally one and totally in tune.
      If you see me today, you'll probably see a a smile and a steady look of pleasant surprise.  

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