Wednesday, May 23, 2012


“He hath … a hand
Open as day …”
     -- Shakespeare, Henry IV, Part 2

     It’s a joy to be a generous teacher, one who helps the whole world be better by simply bringing all the gifts he has to his students.  It’s a simple thing, really -- just setting out what I have and letting my students help themselves.  I have no money to share, no fancy frills or uncommon abilities or glamorous wisdom -- just the small gifts the universe gave me and which I give again to my students. I have the gift of assiduously attending to what a person is saying, the gift of speaking the truth in a sympathetic way, the simple gift of kindness -- and these gifts I openhandedly hand over to the students in each class. I wish I had more to offer – more to make my classes electrifying and brimful of cheerfulness for the children – but the best I can do is be myself. I am just a softhearted 70-year-old searcher for truth who took to the road of teaching 47 years ago and is still walking, still watching for wisdom about how to do this wonderful work. All I can do is just be as “open as day” and donate what I have, all my meager but maybe useful gifts, to my students – and it’s my privilege to do so day after happy day.

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