Tuesday, May 15, 2012


(First posted on October 20, 2005; revised on May 15, 2012)

   I found yesterday's classes very satisfying. What happened in the classes fulfilled every expectation I had. I had mentally prepared myself for an inspiring experience, and thus when the classes began, I was fully expecting them to be harmonious and fruitful -- and they were. It was like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Because I was anticipating good things happening, they happened. The classes were satisfying because they fulfilled an abiding desire of mine to be involved in excellent teaching and learning. I have many desires in life, but none greater than that. I yearn to teach classes that are thoroughly stimulating and profoundly instructive, and my classes today came close to meeting those criteria. They also answered a essential need of mine. I don't just want to be a good teacher; I need to be one. I need food and water to keep me alive, and I need teaching. My heart beats, my blood courses along, I breathe in and out, and I teach. At this point in my life, they all seem equally important to me. Yesterday's superb classes were as beneficial for me as breathing in fresh air.

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