Tuesday, April 24, 2012


When I’m teaching, I often wonder what is the best way to go in the lesson, what is the appropriate next step, and sometimes I have to trust simple intuitiveness. It seems there’s a sensitivity inside all of us that instinctively understands situations and suggests what we should do, and I have learned to let it have its way, to let it lead. I often look in articles and books for bright ideas about teaching, but the best ones seem to whisper to me from inside. It’s impossible to describe, except to say there’s something in the heart that has the truth and tells it simply and unmistakably. I can’t count the number of times I have taught a lesson and utterly lost my way, when a voice inside said precisely what I needed to know, and I never looked back. It has brought me the ease and assurance all teachers try to find, the self-confidence that says the best ideas are always being born inside us. It’s like living beside a springing source of useful thoughts, and all I have to do is hold out my hands. The right way in the classroom is always right ahead of me, if only I make use of the free and easy wisdom that’s rightfully all of ours.  

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