Monday, March 26, 2012


Today, as usual, I would like to be comfortable – and actually, I have no choice in the matter. The word, at its root, means “able to be with power”, and I will be with limitless power all day, whether I’m always conscious of it or not. We feel comfortable when we feel secure – and today, since I will always be part of the measureless power of the universe, I should feel unreservedly secure. There will never be any force capable of doing what we call "harm", because all the force in the universe is constantly present , and working harmoniously, precisely where I am at each moment. (It may not always feel harmonious to me personally, but in the biggest picture, it is always so.) What I would like to do today is be aware of that power, feel it exerting itself in its steady, resolute manner. However, even if I sometimes take no notice of it, this vast and peaceful force will still be working, still be making all things in the universe, including me, utterly comfortable.


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