Friday, January 20, 2012


Every so often the astounding thought occurs to me that approximately 57,000 of these thoughts work their way into my life every day. Day after day, in sixteen hours of wakefulness, the wonder is that I’m not constantly stunned by the sheer numbers and newness of this flood of thoughts that flows through me. It can’t be stopped, but relentlessly takes good care of me by bringing me ideas that didn’t exist the second before they come to me. It’s my good fortune to be part of such a powerful and influential force each day -- the spectacle of the endless stream of ideas. What’s especially fascinating to me is that these thoughts are not under my control. I can’t create thoughts the way I might make something with a saw and hammer; the thoughts seem to think themselves into being, bringing something shining and fresh for me each moment. If I’m sitting in my classroom before class, swift and unforeseen ideas will be getting born by themselves by the dozens as the seconds pass. If I’m walking down the walkway at school, stray ideas will pass through me faster than I can follow them. It truly is a striking display, this profusion of thoughts second after second, hour after hour. First thing in the morning, perhaps I should make myself ready, prepare myself for the surge of garden-fresh thoughts, this stream of absolute newness that will never stop.

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