Sunday, January 01, 2012


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divine  |diˈvīn|
verb [ with obj. ]
discover (something) by guesswork or intuition

       According to the above definition, I definitely do some “divining” in my classroom. Intuition is my handiest tool, really – that strange inner sense that makes certain words seem sensible to say and certain actions the precisely suitable ones. I don’t carefully consider each and every word, several seconds before I speak, nor do I cautiously design each gesture I make. Most of my speaking and moving during class is a consequence of sheer guesswork, the work of an intuition that loves to leap into words and actions. Somehow I “divine” what to do and say during class. It’s as if bolts from the blue bring about everything that happens. Of course I do plan my lessons, I’m proud to say, with significant care, but once a class gets started, the guessing, and I might say wizardry, take over. I usually cover each part of my plans, but it seems like some transcendent influence is causing the lesson to flow along. I don’t mean to suggest that I’m in some special correspondence with the universe – just that things happen in such an eccentric, accidental manner that they all seem made by some far-off force. It’s as if I’m a puppet being operated by powers I’ve never known – powers that produce thoughts and actions with the smoothness of sorcerers. Lest this seem an admission of helplessness and despair, let me add that I’m an enormously contented and grateful puppet.  

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