Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I find it interesting that the word “stature” derives from the Latin word meaning “stand”, which perfectly links it to wisdom, since wisdom only works its magic when a person stands up straight and strong among ideas. It’s strange to me that some of my students seem to wish to slouch their way through their school days – strange because no real learning will happen when the learners are letting their bodies and minds slumber. Drooping shoulders mean drooping thoughts, drooping self-assurance, and drooping desire. I want my students to grow wise in various small but essential ways, but I also want them to grow in stature – to feel how fine it is to stand proud inside yourself as you do your best with the best ideas available. They must think generously and deeply, and they must also sit up straight at their places – I insist on it -- if they wish wisdom to slowly stand up inside them.

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