Monday, July 04, 2011


Yesterday, my friend who is facing some serious pain and fear told me he is trying to see the genuine spaciousness of life. He said he realizes now that he has always thought of life as being small, cramped, and confining, but he has a strong feeling, these days, that he’s been completely mistaken. He has a feeling – and it has often come to him during this recent time of pain and fear – that life is not only not small or cramped or confining, but that it is, in fact, infinite – that it knows no boundaries, no start or finish, no limits of any sort. He told me he sees himself, sometimes, as if he is floating in an endless sky – no bottom, no sides, no top – and that the small life he has always called “his” – even the pain and fear -- is actually like a breeze in this endless sky, swirling effortlessly, coming and going and passing by in the immeasurable spaciousness of life, always with ease and properness. He said it’s a feeling unlike any he has ever had – a feeling of absolute naturalness and assurance.

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