Sunday, April 03, 2011


"Antique Lamp", oil, by Heidi Mallot
This morning, when I happened to brush against the small chain that lights a lamp in my living room, I paused to watch it as it swayed for a few seconds and then slowly came to a standstill, and it occurred to me that I should do more of that in my teaching. In my classroom I can be occasionally unsettled by small disorders and commotions, and it’s important that I fairly quickly bring myself back to a state of composure and readiness. The chain on my lamp swung for a few seconds and then stopped and was steady, and hopefully I can always come back to this kind of quietness soon after any interruption. As I looked at the gold chain swaying and slowing down and then poised in almost perfect motionlessness, it seemed like a suitable symbol for a teacher of teenagers.

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