Sunday, April 10, 2011


"Country Road", oil, by Heidi Malott
In most ways, I don’t think I can be said to “cruise” when I’m teaching, but occasionally I do find myself in a coasting or sailing disposition as I’m working with my students – and I like the feeling. These are times when whatever is happening in the classroom seems to have been brought into existence just for us -- as though the universe is serving up, each succeeding moment, precisely what is best for my students and me. These are times when worries about goals gradually give way to a simple and sincere confidence that the flow of my teaching is, at least for now, perfect. This is when I feel like I’m in cruise control – like the teaching is taking care of itself. It’s “coasting” at its best – not loafing and letting anything happen, but simply sitting back and seeing the power of learning and teaching take off. Cruise control is a fine way to see the country in a car, and it’s not a bad way to bring kids and a teacher together in an easy, graceful search for understanding.

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