Monday, February 14, 2011

My Dear Sons,
     I got to thinking about us today, a dad and his sons, all without special women friends (at least to my knowledge). I have been without the love of a woman for ... well, I've lost count, but it must be more than 20 years. Those years of love with your mom were among the best of my life, but what I realized today is that I've had years and years of genuine love since then -- just a different kind of love. The love between your mom and me was, in some ways, a selfish, grasping kind of love. There was a lot of me, me, me in it, at least on my side. The kind of love I've experienced since then has been, I think, less me-centered and more outward focused. It's been a love for others and the whole world, not for what I can get out of it, but just for the sake of loving. It's made me realize, more and more, that real love is not tied to any one person or place or thing. Real love is not material, not something we can weigh and measure and keep and own. Real love is like the air we breathe, free to everyone and absolutely infinite in scope.
     And it can never go away or disappear, especially on Vaentine's Day. This is a day to sit back and smile and truly take in the wondrous fact that love (or Love, because it's everywhere and all-powerful and can't possibly be defeated) is always here for us to be astounded at and sincerely enjoy.
     Some people even say that what is called "God" is actually Love. I believe it.
     Especially today.

Love for all,

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