Thursday, January 06, 2011


The other day, as I was fussing to myself because one of my lessons seemed to be falling flat before my eyes, I suddenly caught sight of some birds fluttering around the feeder outside my classroom, and it caused me, for a moment, to wonder just how much was happening while I was worrying about my little English lesson. Surely, as I was beating myself up for failing to teach appositives properly, birds by the hundreds of millions were whisking in wondrous ways around the world as they lived their wild lives. And surely the breeze passing through their feathers was part of an enormous system of winds that was doing its steadfast duties throughout the atmosphere. While I was fretting about Step Three in my lesson plan, people all over the earth were thinking thoughts of sorrow and exultation, dismay and downright ecstasy. Millions of babies were being brought into life like new, and just as many people were passing away from their families and friends, while I was wandering around Room 2 trying to see where I went wrong in Step Six.

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