Sunday, January 23, 2011

SO much snow, and such frozen weather! Lows the last few days in the single numbers, maybe even below zero this morning. I've been staying with my daily exercise of splitting wood, but it's been tough these days to dig the logs out from the iced-over foot of snow. Below is a photograph of Jaimie's beautiful woods in their winter dress. The other photo is of Ava in the backseat coming home from the YMCA, thoroughly into an iPod presentation of Bill Cosby's "Little Bill".

Noah and Ava had a fine weekend with Josh, swimming and playing at the YMCA yesterday, and then more playing today at Jaimie's. It was fun to hang out with Luke and Jan, too, as we all did out best to brave our way through one of the coldest and snowiest stretches I can recall.

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