Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Stormphoto © 2004 Shawn | more info (via: Wylio)
Yet another winter storm struck northeast Connecticut today -- this time sleet and snow and ice. I tried my best to drive to school this morning, but many cars were spinning out and the interstate was more ice than snow, so I turned around after an hour of slow and worrisome driving. Jaimie was home with the kids when I arrived (a snow day off from school for all), and we began an indoor day of great fun. Noah and I laughed and laughed as we fought in friendship at the chessboard, and Ava and I played "baby" on the rug in the studio. Jaimie, as usual, was a wonderful dad -- baking cookies with Ava, playing "castle" endlessly with Noah, and generally being an attentive and doting father. Outside, the ice kept forming from the frozen rain, and the small birds brought their good appetites to the bird feeder.

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