Monday, January 10, 2011


I usually wear suspenders (simply to save myself from constantly hoisting up my pants), and today, as I was comfortably striding among my students with my pants perfectly positioned above my waist, I was reminded of the comfort, maybe even coziness, I sometimes feel when my lesson is perfectly planned. I enjoy the frivolity that can come from occasional spontaneity and impulsiveness in teaching, but my favorite classes, I must admit, are the ones that proceed precisely according to my meticulous plans. In those classes, as when I wear suspenders, there’s little or no fine-tuning, tweaking, hoisting, or adjusting. Like me in my helpful suspenders, the lesson paces along with poise and buoyancy. It may not be the most exotic lesson, nor am I an especially striking teacher in my almost chest-high pants, but we both get the task accomplished in a confident and comfortable manner.

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