Sunday, December 19, 2010

Today I felt, more than ever before, how lucky I am to be a grandfather. It started in the morning, when 7-year-old Noah showed me how hard a small boy can work when he almost single-handedly cleaned all the downstairs rooms. I simply trailed behind him as he went through the rooms with the vacuum cleaner, carefully switching between "floor" and "carpet" and turning dials on the big machine like an expert. He seemed more than willing to work with me on the project, and he ended up doing most of the work and making his grandfather one of the happiest guys on earth. Later, my grandchildren Josh and Kaylee came for a visit, and we spent several warm hours together in a rare kind of family friendship. Little Ava Elizabeth, bad cold and all, kept us smiling with her happy antics, as cheering for Grandpa Hammy as the fire in the fireplace.

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