Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I have grown to love the word “simply”, I guess because it seems to describe so well what I enjoy about teaching. One dictionary defines the word as meaning just, only, or no more than, and that’s precisely how I try to think of my work in the classroom. I am just one human being among uncountable numbers of creations of this universe, only one ordinary guy giving his all to understanding the astonishing cosmos he’s part of, no more than a wandering, wayfaring, often faltering teacher trying to make sense of the mysteries of his adolescent students. When my work seems crushingly complicated, I remind myself that, in the end, my main job is simply to accept and appreciate whatever the present moment presents. After all, there is always just the present moment in my teaching – no distressing past lessons and no unfathomable and threatening future classes, only this unassuming moment that is making itself known right now. In order to find peace at this instant, and every instant, I need do no more than accept what is happening. Becoming a satisfied teacher is simply that simple.

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