Tuesday, December 14, 2010


two red birds at the feederMy students occasionally stare out the classroom windows at the birds on the feeder, but somehow it doesn't bother me that they're finding more marvels out there than in my lessons. Perhaps the birds actually bring some sprightliness and photo © 2009 dregsplod | more info 
luster to English class. Maybe the brightness of the birds and their winsome movements as they take their snacks lends a pleasant ambience to my sometimes tedious instructions. After all, the surroundings of my lessons can let in some valuable light on the truths I'm trying to teach -- can freshen what might otherwise be a fairly stale class. Plus, the students doubtless need a break from adverbs and metaphors every so often, and i'm sure gazing at the good-natured liveliness of birds brings refreshing relief. A few minutes spent seeing sparrows and finches finding food for themselves can perhaps send a student back to a lesson on literary terms with at least partially replenished interest. Bring on the birds, I say. A little fluttering of wings following a fifteen-minute lesson on symbolism might be just what the young scholars need.

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