Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ah, such special September weather. The last few days have had a quiet coolness that's been perfectly refreshing. I've done some wood-splitting and sawing in the fresh fall air, and also some sitting, writing, and reading outside in the sunshine, or, on early mornings, inside by the friendly fire. Noah and I had a fine time finishing up our 300 piece jigsaw puzzle (a picture of many exotic animals), and now we're working on a puzzle about the fish of the sea. Ava and I enjoyed playing "baby and mommy" (you can imagine what that's like) and also reading the new copy of "High Five", an excellent magazine I subscribe to for her. Yesterday we sent them off to Jessy for the weekend, and it was a sad (for me) farewell. I miss them, but I must also admit to enjoying the solitude this weekend.

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