Thursday, August 26, 2010

"The Deerslayer"

Chingachook and Judith Hutter on the Castle
In Chapter 15, which I read on this first slightly sunny day after days of rain, Deerslayer works out a negotiation with the Mingos for the release of Hutter and Harry. The dialogue was excellent, I thought, and once again the characters seemed very believable.

Here is a favorite quote from the chapter. Deerslayer is speaking to Judith Hutter:

"I don't know whether a white man ought to be ashamed, or not, to own he can't read, but such is my case, Judith. You are skilful, I find, in all such matters, while I have only studied the hand of God as it is seen in the hills and the valleys, the mountain-tops, the streams, the forests and the springs. Much l'arning may be got in this way, as well as out of books; and, yet, I sometimes think it is a white man's gift to read! When I hear from the mouths of the Moravians the words of which Hetty speaks, they raise a longing in my mind, and I then think I will know how to read 'em myself; but the game in summer, and the traditions, and lessons in war, and other matters, have always kept me behind hand."

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