Sunday, July 11, 2010

In Good Hands

I have always spent a good part of my time concerned about my safety and security, but this morning, thank goodness, it came to me with great clarity that the infinite universe has me in its very good hands. The plain truth is that I am not a solitary and separate person who needs protection, but an essential and sheltered part of a single unending force (sometimes called the universe, sometimes God) that is always doing what is just right for itself. If I close my eyes and give it serious thought, I can see myself as a breeze in a wind that never started and will never stop, or a wave in an ocean without end. How can this breeze or this wave possibly be harmed? They can change, certainly – everything in this universe is fluid and ever changing – but harm or destruction is literally not possible. The grand universe takes good care of uncountable stars and rivers and dust particles and hearts and blood streams, forever and ever, and it will take good care of me. Sleep in peace, Ham.

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