Thursday, June 10, 2010

Giving Way

A simple approach to any day’s living is to be less me-centered and more universe-centered. This would automatically make my life less hard, lest resistant, and much gentler and softer. Problems arise and grow fierce only when I’m thinking of a separate, frail, and therefore defenseless “me” as the center of everything. From that perspective, my full time job is to be tough, hard, and dead set against injury to this separate person called “me”. It makes each day a bitter and exhausting combat. However, if I shift my perspective and see reality in an entirely new way, as an infinite oneness, a uni-verse in the true sense, suddenly everything calms down and softens. If there are no beginnings and endings, no boundaries between separate “things” and “persons”, no one to protect or be protected from, then existence, all of a sudden, is seen as gently malleable and entirely harmless. It enables me to unclench my fists, relax my muscles, and give easy way to every experience, like a lake gives way to whatever drops into it.

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