Sunday, October 25, 2009


The other day, at a meeting about students, I threw out the casual remark that a certain student was “inconsistent”, but later I wished I hadn’t been so brusque and blasé about it. As I thought about the comment over lunch, I realized that, at least in one sense, no student is inconsistent. If consistency means a level of performance that does not vary greatly, then all my students are consistent thinkers. They are always thinking – always entertaining thoughts of widespread variety and freewheeling power. While I’m muttering to myself about their inconsistency in paying attention to my lesson, the scholars are being exceedingly consistent in welcoming the multitudinous thoughts (on topics ranging from skateboards to the weekend to – with a bit of luck -- my lesson) that waft their way during a 48 minute English class. At the next meeting, perhaps I should say, when asked about any student’s performance in my class, “Oh she’s a very consistent thinker. I’ll give her an A+ for that.”

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