Sunday, September 13, 2009


The human race no doubt exhibits an ample supply of spitefulness on a daily basis, but I continue to see evidence that goodness far surpasses it in presence and power. Today, for example, I was driving home from the store when I was nearly cut off by another car. I was just starting to fume and seethe and wonder who the idiot was, when I heard a honk behind me. I looked in the mirror, and the driver was leaning out his window and shouting “Sorry, friend! My mistake!” Then, a few hours later, I went to KFC to get some dinner, and was waited on by a young man who was obviously struggling to learn how to do a new job. He didn’t seem to have any idea how to answer my questions or place my order. I could see the confusion and fear in his face as he asked another server to help him, but I was also impressed by his meekness and his desire to learn. When he finally brought me my order, he smiled timidly and said it was only his second day on the job. “I apologize for any delay I might have caused you, sir,” he said. I assured him that I was very satisfied with his service, and, as I walked to my car, I felt equally satisfied to be a part of a human family that contains, I am sure, billions of people just as thoughtful as these two good men.

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