Monday, August 31, 2009


As I look forward to the new school year, the word “unhurried” comes to mind as a description of the kind of teaching I hope to do. I don’t want to rush through a lesson, run through a review, sprint through a ‘to do’ list, or charge ahead with impulsive words and actions. I want to do everything the way the sun rises: slowly, peacefully, beautifully. There’s never any need for urgency in teaching English to teenagers. The planet will continue turning whether I cover three or six or zero comma rules in a class period. Our hearts will continue beating and our trillion cells will keep being reborn no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) in 8th grade English class on Barnes Road. Nothing need be done except with patient attentiveness and consideration. Flowers can’t be hastened into blooming before their proper time, nor can good teaching be rushed. I must make each 60 seconds in class be utterly comprehensive and satisfying. All the moments in Room 2 will be priceless ones, so I may as well slow down and be grateful for each one.

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