Sunday, August 02, 2009

An ordinary moment on a bike ride

As I was riding along a quiet country road today, I came upon this rather 'ordinary' scene (see below) -- just a collection of wildflowers and weeds beneath an overcast sky on an uncomfortably muggy day. Nothing special, would have been my usual thought. However, I had just been thinking about the odd fact that everything is special, extraordinary, rare, and distinctive. Every present moment, event, person, and place is new and fresh and presented for our amazement. Those had been my musings as I pedaled past this everyday scene -- so I stopped and stared and snapped a picture. It was truly not an ordinary scene, in the sense that it contained, I'm sure, an immeasurable number of miracles: seeds forming, buds breaking open, small creatures of all sizes and shapes building their tiny lives as I stood there beside my bike.

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