Monday, July 13, 2009


(written in October 2002)

Today I need to practice the fine art of waiting. For example, I need to wait for my scholars to settle down at the start of class. They have probably just finished a serious, demanding class in the previous period, and they don’t need another teacher pushing and prodding them to get quickly started with another such class. Like a pond after the water has been stirred, they will quietly calm down into peacefulness soon enough. I also need to remember to wait a few seconds after I ask a question in class. Why do I think the students will have instant answers for my questions? I need to remember that thinking takes time, and cannot be rushed. Finally, I need to wait for happiness today. I can’t chase down happiness, for it only comes to those who wait patiently, just like we wait by the side of the pond for the water to slowly clear. Happiness, like so many good things, is always ready to arrive at the doors of those who are calmly waiting.

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