Monday, July 27, 2009

"Two Plums", oil on panel, by Cathleen Rehfeld

This past weekend was one of almost complete relaxation for me. My life, which is always fairly calm, fell into an especially deep state of repose. It began on Saturday with a leisurely drive up through the Connecticut and Massachusetts countryside to see Luke and his family. I spent most of the time with young Josh, finding fun in the little things he enjoys. We tossed a ball back and forth, shot it at a basketball net, surveyed and searched the yard, played hide-and-seek, and took an unhurried walk up and down the street. In between, I enjoyed some quiet conversation with Luke and Krissy. Yesterday, Sunday, was even more peaceful for me – a day filled with bracing air-conditioning and editing some paragraphs in my manuscript and light-hearted reading and a plum or two and a few minutes on the grass in the park surrounded my mist.

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