Friday, July 17, 2009


In the Bible reading for today, Jesus says to a man, “This day is salvation come to your house.” This day. Not tomorrow or yesterday. Not sometime in the future, but this day, in these 57,000 moments stretching ahead of me. This Friday, July 17, 2009. Salvation – as the dictionary says, “the preservation or deliverance from destruction, difficulty, or evil.” Today I will be preserved and delivered. It takes a powerful force to preserve and deliver, and I will, indeed, be in the presence of, and part of, the strongest possible force – the force of the gently unfolding and infinite present moment. I will be preserved from destruction, yes, but not only destruction. I will also be delivered (rescued) all day from “difficulty or evil”. That’s an amazing thing to realize, that on this day I will be (am, right now) part of a power that knows no boundaries or limits, and that instantly destroys any difficulty or evil. This is the true meaning of salvation, and it has come to my “house” on this day. Rejoice!

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