Wednesday, July 15, 2009


(written in October, 2002)

One-ness is the hardest mystery to understand, but it is also the most important. “Never two, but one” – that’s the grand truth that I must contemplate as I go about my teaching today. My scholars and colleagues and I are not separate from each other. We are not separate, distinct physical beings engaged in a struggle to get and protect. That’s the universally accepted belief, but it’s simply not true. Today, all that will be happening is the unfoldment of thought in the present moment. Each present moment, a thought will be causing everything to happen. For convenience sake, we call it “my” thought or “Jimmy’s” thought or “Anna’s” thought, but it’s all really just thought in an infinite universe of thought. That’s why the sun is a good comparison. In my classroom today, the infinite sun of Thought (sometimes called God) will be shining, and my scholars and I will be the rays of that sun. There won’t be many separate suns – just the rays of the one infinite sun.

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