Monday, July 06, 2009


I have gradually come to understand this important truth – that oldness is nowhere and newness is everywhere. Every day is a totally new day. The sunrise each morning shines a little differently than it ever did before, and the breeze I feel when I walk outside blows in a faintly new way from yesterday, and from the moment before. Totally new things will happen to me today – the way a person smiles at me, the way people walk past me in the park, the way sunlight lands on my hands. Even each moment is brand-new each day. As I type this paragraph, new dust particles lie on my computer table in arrangements that have never existed before. The shadows from my fingers fall on the keyboard, not like they did yesterday, but in a slightly and wonderfully new way. Even each thought is totally knew each moment. This is the most astounding thing for me to realize. The exact thought that I’m thinking right now has never been thought before – in the whole history of the human race. It’s amazing – almost scary – to live in a world of such breathtaking newness.

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