Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I had wonderful visits with Noah and Ava these past two days. Yesterday I rode with Jaimie and the kids into Providence for Jaimie’s appointment with a doctor. I was the designated baby-sitter while he was with the doctor, and I must pat myself on the back for carrying out my duties quite well. First the kids and I walked a few blocks to a Starbucks where we sat outside and enjoyed a hearty snack. Ava and Noah devoured immense chocolate cookies and some frosty milk, and I had some sips of coffee. Then we walked to an excellent toy store, where we wandered around for nearly an hour, sampling toys and playing in the small ‘play space’ in the rear of the store. It was an adventure for me to follow the kids around as they studied, wide-eyed, the countless playthings on display. Both kids especially enjoyed riding on a crazily moving wagon that rolled and bumped across the carpet. On the way home with Jaimie, we all enjoyed laughing with each other, and also crying. At one point, I asked Ava if she was singing a song, and she replied, “No, Hammy, I’m crying.” Then I said, “Let’s all see who can cry the best,” whereupon all of us, including Jaimie, bawled and wailed as well as we could.

Today was another special visit, because I went with Jess and the kids to Noah’s swimming lesson. What a treat that was! Noah thoroughly enjoyed the lesson, as he demonstrated by waving and smiling at us every few seconds. It was an inspiring morning for Grandpa Hammy.

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