Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The word “God” or “Lord” is mentioned thousands of times in the Bible, and it reminds me of something: the nature of God is the most important thing for me to study. Nothing else counts if I don’t understand – not just believe but really understand – what God is. Today I want to focus on keeping in mind just exactly what this God is that I’ve been praying about all these years. I want to keep before my thought the great fact that there is always only one power active at any given moment and that is the power of thought. Since it’s the only power, then it is unopposed and unlimited – that is, it goes on forever. And also, since there is nothing besides this power of thought, then there really is nothing material – no “me”, for instance. “I” am a part of this infinite power. I think and work because this power thinks and works. This power – this infinite thinking, this unlimited Mind – is God, the Lord.

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