Friday, July 03, 2009

"Amsterdam Style", oil on board, by Sheila Vaughan

I took my first serious bike ride of the summer this morning, a lively 50-minute outing to Watch Hill and back. It was a cool, clear morning, with just a slight spread of haze along the beach roads. I felt comfortable as I rode, taking it fairly easy on the hills and pushing myself just slightly on the straightaways. Actually, I did challenge myself on a few of the short climbs, pumping hard just like the old days (last summer). It felt good to lower myself down over the handlebars and dig in for some inner strength as I rode along. My breath was strong and my leg muscles seemed as loose as those of a 67-year-old could be. Riding home to Westerly, however, some serious exhaustion seemed to settle in. I did drive myself pretty hard coming up past Smith’s Florist, and by the time I reached the rise of the hill and started coasting into town, I was fairly drained. It felt good to ride into the parking lot behind my apartment.

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