Saturday, July 04, 2009

"A Walk in New Paltz", oil on canvas, by Jamie Williams Grossman

This afternoon I drove up to Brooklyn to take a walk with Jaimie. (Jess and the kids are up in Maine for a few days.) We drove a few miles down the road to an Audubon refuge, where we parked the car and struck out walking on a quiet country road. All around us was the sanctuary, composed mostly of swamps and meadows spread out against some low hills. It was a wonderful walk. We talked mostly about teaching -- sharing ideas, frustrations, plans, and ideals, and also taking pleasure in the perfect July weather. The air seemed unusually clear, and the blueness of the sky couldn’t have been any clearer as big, billowy clouds sailed through it. I felt even luckier than I usually do – walking with my son and colleague in the teaching profession, feeling his devotion to his work, and just being proud and grateful to be a dad.

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