Monday, May 11, 2009

Teaching Journal

Day 141, Monday, May 11, 2009


     I introduced some new technology in my classes today (a way to do web-based text annotations), and it led me to think about the actual meaning of the word. My etymology dictionary tells me that the word 'technology' comes from the Greek word teknos, meaning “system” or “method”, and this helps me understand why technology has been so helpful  this year. It’s been a way to better systematize my teaching, a way to make the overall ‘method’ (or plan) of my teaching more visible to the students (and to me). Technology has not been merely frivolous ‘bells and whistles’ for me; it’s been more like master-planning than doing tricks. Because of the technology tools I’ve employed this year, I’m a more orderly and structured teacher. Technology has unleashed far more discipline in me than creativity. It’s given me more organization than trickery, more methodical techniques than decorative gimmicks.   

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