Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"Northanger Abbey", by Jane Austen

Catherine badly wanted to dance with Mr. Tilney, but he wandered off with another woman. Not a lot happening ...


"Heart of Darkness", by Joseph Conrad

However, there is much happening in this book. Marlow is telling the story of his journey along the coast and into the jungle. I loved many passages, but these two were special:
"Watching a coast as it slips by the ship is like thinking about an enigma. There it is before you-- smiling, frowning, inviting, grand, mean, insipid, or savage, and always mute with an air of whispering, `Come and find out.'" 
"The voice of the surf heard now and then was a positive pleasure, like the speech of a brother. It was something natural, that had its reason, that had a meaning."

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