Sunday, March 15, 2009

"Profusion in Sunlight", oil on board, by Kit Hevron Mahoney


After returning from an 8-day sojourn in the UK with my 9th grade scholars, I’ve enjoyed a sleepy weekend. The minutes and hours have passed in a drowsy manner, each one quieter than the one before. I’ve been almost totally inactive, spending most of my time being rather than doing. It’s a good way to live. I could grow accustomed to this dreamy lifestyle, especially when it follows a week of non-stop haste and urgency. In London and Stratford, we seemed to always be sprinting ahead to the next place, so it’s been refreshing, these past two days, to turn my back on rushing. Whatever I’ve done has been done as slowly as possible. This morning it took a record long time to cook my spinach, egg whites, and toast for breakfast. In England we often moved as quickly as possible, but today I happily buttered the toast in a drawn-out and measured manner.  


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