Thursday, March 19, 2009

"Raining Again", oil on plywood board, by Sheila Vaughan

     The last two days have been relatively mild, with a slight suggestion in the air of both spring and spring rain. There’s been an easygoing feeling in the weather, as if it’s relaxing a little after the rigors of the winter. In the park yesterday, I could almost see the trees docilely letting their limbs hang looser and more liberated. They were standing around the park in a more passive and submissive manner, as if waiting quietly for spring to present its magic act. Today a rainstorm has arrived, but it’s a placid one. It’s more a shower than a storm – simply a soft spreading around of raindrops. As I look out I see the rainwater running smoothly in the gutters, and a tender wind is waving among the trees. 

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