Tuesday, March 17, 2009

View from ReenCaheragh to Portmagee, Ireland", oil on linen, by Roxanne Steed

 It occurred to me this morning that there will be a lot of “dealing” today. For one thing, the universe, eons ago, made a deal with itself that everything would always happen harmoniously, and that arrangement still holds true today. It’s as if the universe, at the time of the big bang, shook its own hand and agreed that it would operate in a well-balanced manner. True, we humans often don’t recognize the harmony embedded in the operations of the cosmos, but it’s definitely there. After all, a deal was made some 15 billion years ago, and our universe isn’t in the habit of canceling its contracts.  Also, another kind of “deal” will be happening today, similar to the dealing of playing cards. All day, it will be as if I am sitting at a card table receiving astonishingly good hands, one after another, from the dealer (the universe). It’s a game (called “Life”) that I can never lose, even though I may trick myself into believing I’m losing. I may not always realize it, but whatever cards the universe deals me are the exact cards I need to be a winner. I just hope I can identify and be thankful for the high-quality dealing that will be happening all day today. 

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