Saturday, February 14, 2009

"The Philosophers", acrylic on wood, by Sheila Vaughn 

Teaching Journal

Day 95, Friday, February 13


     I spent a quiet holiday away from school, but my thoughts, I must admit, were back in the classroom, trying to see where I went wrong this week, what I can do to bring more get-up-and-go to my lessons, and how I can make myself a better teacher next week. I spent a lot of time in my quiet apartment, walking among the rooms, looking out the window, sitting in my several hospitable chairs – all the time thinking of ways to enhance and brighten up my teaching. I must confess that no lightning bolts of inspiration struck, no insights unrolled like maps, no bright ideas switched their lamps on. It was just a day filled  with itinerant thoughts about an utterly confusing profession. No problems were solved, but the thinking itself, on this sunny winter day, was a pleasing process.     

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