Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Teaching Journal
Day 62, Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I noticed this morning that one of the 8th grade girls is almost finished with the book she’s been reading. She started it on the first day of school, and she’s now on the final few pages. She’s probably a slow reader (like her English teacher), or perhaps she simply likes to read at an unhurried, restful pace. Perhaps reading a book, for her, is like idling away the hours on an enchanting island – a sojourn you never want to end.
At 8:50 this morning, as the students were assembling for class, the thought came to me that everything, at that moment, was happening exactly as it had to happen. My heart was beating the way it had to, the students’ lungs were taking in air the way they had to, and the wind was whipping around the windows precisely as it had to. All was correct, proper, and perfect. And then another thought came – that there were countless similarly perfect moments awaiting all of us today.
At the break in one of the classes, most of the kids went out into the hall or outside, but one girl sat at the table reading. This is a popular girl with many friends, but today she chose to read. Perhaps she has found additonal friends in the pages of her book.

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