Saturday, August 02, 2008


Today I want to be “changed”. Like Saul of Tarsus, I want to see a new and truthful way of living so clearly that I feel like I’ve been hit with a blinding light. I want to be thrown off my “horse” of material living, a horse I have blithely and ignorantly ridden for 66 years. I want to discover a new way. And really, the new way of living is a simple way. There’s nothing complex or tricky about it. It’s just totally different from the way I’ve previously been traveling. The old way was the way of belief that matter has the only and ultimate power in the universe. The new way says very simply: Spirit, thought, has all the power. It’s as uncomplicated as that – as straightforward as a flash of lightning, or falling off a horse. I want to look at the lightning, be blinded, and then see again – really see. I want to get on a totally different horse. I want it to happen today. (Maybe it already has.)

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