Saturday, August 16, 2008

Three Meditations

“Selfishness keeps God hidden, as thick clouds blot out the sun.” -- Psalm 36

Whatever the weather’s like today, I can be assured that a very bright sun will be always shining. It’s the sun of Truth, the sun of ever-present spiritual power, the sun of always new Creation. No matter what is happening outside, this great sun of reality will be blazing away inside us, and all around us, and everywhere. It’s the way things are, and it can never be changed. What’s sad and mystifying, though, is that my selfishness persistently blinds me to this shining light. I am often so utterly wrapped up in thinking of my supposedly separate, vulnerable self that I am virtually blind to the astonishing spiritual reality that I’m a part of. My separate “self” seems so huge that it does seem to blot out reality, just as clouds can seem to cover the sun. But of course, I must keep in mind the important truth that clouds only seem to cover the sun. The sun still shines, always, behind the clouds, and the truth of spiritual reality still shines, always, behind my seemingly enormous self. All I have to do is open my inner eyes, and I will then see what’s always been all around me – the forever-present and omnipotent power of Spirit. The light might be so bright that I would ask, “What clouds?”


“He’s not far; he’s near.” -- Acts 17:24

Today I would like to focus my attention on nearness instead of far-ness. This will be a big change, because far-ness is usually a significant reality for me. Because I often think of myself as a separate, isolated, physical individual, everything else in my life seems removed from me – unconnected, different, far away. That’s especially true when it comes to the really important things in my life. Money, friendship, power, security – all the essentials of life usually, for me, seem far rather than near. This morning, though, I’m thinking more about nearness. I’m trying to hold in thought a new way of looking at my self – not as an isolated material entity, but as a spiritual idea in a universe of ideas. When I do this, I see that a wondrous thing happens. Suddenly, far-ness absolutely disappears, and the only reality becomes nearness. For if I am a thought in a universe of thoughts, then there are no material boundaries to separate anyone or anything. In this mental universe, nothing can be “far” from anything else because nothing is separated from anything else! Everything is literally as near as a thought. Whatever I need today is as in close proximity to the next moment. Wealth, friendship, power, security – they are all as near, as close at hand, as my own hand.


“God, it seems you’ve been our home forever; long before the mountains were born, from “once upon a time” to “kingdom come”, you are God.” – Psalm 90, 1-2

On this mild, rainy morning, I’m thinking about the wonderful fact that I am always home, and that my home is the safest and most comfortable home there can possibly be. I’m fortunate in this way, because all of us yearn, above all, for a place we can call home. We want to be in a place where we can feel utterly safe and unconditionally loved – a place where all our needs are lovingly met. It’s probably our greatest wish – that we always have a reliable, protecting home to turn to when we need it. The astonishing fact that I’m meditating on this morning is that I do have this type of home, and I have it present with me at all times. The most amazing fact is that this home is not made of anything material, and therefore can never be damaged, taken away from me, or destroyed. And because it’s not material but mental (spiritual), its supply of happiness and comfort will never exhaust itself. Like a rich man, I live in a vast and beautiful home, but unlike the rich man, whose material wealth and home will perish eventually, my home will last forever. What is this home that I will have with me all day on this rainy school day? It’s simply the infinite and spiritual Present. I always live in the Present (it can’t possibly be otherwise), and this Present, like a good home, provides me with everything I need – qualities like peace, joy, patience, and courage. Some people call this all-powerful Present by the name of God, or Allah, but whatever it might be called, it is where I live each and every moment. Today, like every day, it is my wonderful home.

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