Saturday, August 02, 2008


It came to me yesterday, as it occasionally does, that the single enemy I must defeat is fear. Nothing else has threatened me in my entire life – just fear. It has caused every problem I have ever had. From as far back as I can remember, mixed in with the many joys of my life has been fear, and it is this fear that has stalked me and created every discord and difficulty I have experienced. What’s wonderful, though, is that I have the opportunity, each moment, to completely overthrow this fear. I can be totally free of it, starting now. For the rest of my life I can live in complete freedom. I can do this by making a simple analysis of the nature of fear and the nature of reality. All fear is based upon a belief – a firmly held belief that all of life is material, including me, and that I am continually at the mercy of a zillion other material forces. To remove the fear, I must simply change the belief. I have to believe – no, I have to understand and know – that life is not material in nature, but totally spiritual. I am not a thing, but a thought. I can’t be pushed around or defeated, because there is literally no “thing” – no materiality – in me to be pushed around or defeated. I am a pure thought in a purely mental universe – the kingdom of God, or Spirit, that Jesus spoke of. Of course, this is very welcome news. It means I am free from fear. It means I can be calm instead of worried, confident instead of fearful. It means the kingdom of God is here, right now and forever.

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