Monday, June 02, 2008


June 2, 2008

As I was walking into the grocery store yesterday, I saw two women laughing together on the sidewalk, and it suddenly occurred to me that this is happening all over the world. At any given moment, probably more than a billion people are laughing all around the globe. I may not be laughing, but there’s certainly plenty of laughter happening -- here, there, and everywhere. I may be in the depths of some personal sorrow, but at that same moment, guaranteed, laughter is rippling from New York to Jakarta, from the north to the south pole. The truth is it doesn’t matter if I am not laughing at a particular moment. What matters is that laughter is happening throughout the world, and I am part of that world. If the world that I am part of is doing a lot of laughing each moment, doesn’t that mean that I am actually part of the laughing, and shouldn’t I rejoice in that fact?

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