Tuesday, June 10, 2008

On this, the hottest day of the season thus far (92°), I’m feeling extremely grateful, for I am enjoying the luxury of an air-conditioned living space. A few weeks ago, for the first time in my life, I purchased an air-conditioner -- two of them, in fact -- and had them installed in the windows of my apartment, and now, on this sizzler of a day, I am ensconced in my cool living room like the most carefree of kings. I can’t believe how comfortable I feel, especially when I recall how beastly it is outside. What I find even more unbelievable is that I have endured 65 summers without air conditioning! Of course, what is by far the most mind-boggling aspect of my situation, and one that troubles me as I sit in luxurious coolness, is that so few people in the world can enjoy this miracle of air conditioning. Of the billions of people around the globe who live in hot climates, only a tiny percentage have the wherewithal to provide air conditioning for their homes. Most of them simply sweat it out, day after sweltering day.

As I remain entirely cool and comfortable on this first hot day of summer, I’ll keep in mind the countless people who aren’t.

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