Sunday, June 22, 2008


I had some fun this afternoon thinking about the word “spectator”, wondering whether I could live my life as much like a spectator as a participant. This wouldn’t mean not doing anything – being a passive, indolent observer – but simply keeping an objective eye on things as life unfolds. As I go about my daily activities, I could calmly watch myself, as from afar, observing the curious events that befall me. Perhaps, instead of a deadly earnest contest, I could think of life as an interesting game, with me as both an enthusiastic participant and fascinated spectator. One thing is certain: as a spectator I would never be bored. At each moment there are major miracles unfolding everywhere, even inside me. From the constantly changing activities surrounding me, to the endless “in and out” of my breathing, to the nonstop stream of thoughts, there is always something astonishing making itself known. To appreciate the ever-shifting phenomenon of life, all I would have to do is stay quiet inside and pay attention. Boredom would be out of the question. Who knows, it might be a fine way to live.

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